Light at the End of the Tunnel

Mount Pleasant Habitat for Humanity is working diligently to move this hard working family into their new home before Christmas.  Saturday, November 24th, was a workday. We painted and fitted the baseboards. Nishia Miller painted outside trim.  The appliances are in.  We are currently waiting for doors and frames to arrive, and for the plumbers to finish their work.

We are all excited.  George Standford, Paul Chapman, and Tom Nuchols will be most pleased to see their work completed.  Everyone is looking forward to the reception. Stay tuned.

Habitat Success Story

It was in January 2007, the big day, the day Linda Prichard hadLinda and Lana been waiting for, dreaming of and laboring toward.  After weeks of working alongside Habitat volunteers ripping out carpet, laying tile, painting, helping install windows, light fixtures and cabinets, the day of dedication was there. Everyone, Ms. Prichard’s family, Habitat volunteers, and guests were excited.

Ms. Prichard heard about the Habitat program from a friend, Mrs. Rowe. They attended Abundant Life Church together. As we visited in her fenced-in front yard, courtesy of her brother, Ms. Prichard recalled how working on her house had boosted her sense of self-esteem and confidence, and

ten commandments

made her proud. She remembered looking forward to leaving the duplex where she and Lana, her special- needs daughter, were living and moving into their own home. They would have a fenced in yard for their pets, a place for Lana to play, room for Ms. Prichard to plant flowers and where she didn’t have to answer to anybody.

On the day Linda and Lana moved into their new home, they had three pieces of furniture, Lana’s bed and dresser and a plaque displaying the Ten Commandments.  Family and friends helped her out with different pieces of needed furniture.  Today Ms. Prichard’s home is furnished with nice, comfortable furniture in each room.

Ms. Prichard said she was especially grateful to one Habitat volunteer in particular, a silver-haired man. Several years after the dedication she meet the gentleman at the cancer center where they both were undergoing radiation and chemo treatment.  She said he encouraged her each time they met. (She couldn’t remember his name but it must have been Claude Alexander.)

When I recently met with Ms. Prichard one afternoon, she was trying to decide where to plant two pots of daisiesyard.  We sat near a small patio table while Lana rocked in a covered swing. Two hammocks were stretched out near us. “Lana enjoys rocking in the swing and lying in the hammocks,” she said.

“I feel so blessed and grateful to have the security of my own home,” Ms. Prichard continued. “I have something for my son and grandchildren, for Lana. I have a place where my children and grandchildren can come visit. When Lana had a reaction to an anesthetic and spent eighteen days in a hospital, Habitat worked with me on my house payments. It felt good to have a home to come back to,” she declared and smiled at her daughter.

Ms. Prichard’s closing comment. “Working with Mt. Pleasant Habitat has helped me have more respect for myself, helped me build my self-esteem, be independent and better able to care for Lana.”


Angela’s House Dedication

We are thrilled to report that Angela took possession of her new home on December 20thDSC02654.JPG.A beautiful dessert table was set by Vicki and Jaletta.


A loaded table of delicious snacks invited guest to partake and enjoy our celebration of the completion of Angela’s house.



Guest  ?   John Wood, Tom Nuchols

John Wood was a special guest from when Habitat first began building houses in Mt. Pleasant in 1992


Shane Winn looks on as Judy Capps, a friend of Angela, made the dedication. Friends of Angela’s from Hope’s Landing, were some of the many volunteers that made this such a success story.


Steve and Sally Newton from Nacogdoches drove up to help us celebrate our 25th Habitat home.  Reverend Newton, the pastor of the Presbyterian Church  in 1993, guided a group interested men and women through the detailed Habitat for Humanity chartering process.  Our first home was completed in 1994.  Sally wore many hats during those years. She painted, taped and bedded, and laid floor tile and just about any other job that came along.



Aaden and Adrian,  Angela sons, are proud of their new home and greeted guest in such a mature, gentlemen like manner.  Adrian, sixteen years old, worked  many hours helping their future home to become a reality.


Friends and volunteers from our sister affiliate in Pittsburg also came to help us celebrate this special home.



Jaye McDade, from the Pittsburg affiliate,  congratulates Angela Saucedo


Linda Baxter, from the Pittsburg Habitat Affiliate, and Vickie White share a moment of happiness and the feeling success for a job well done.


Rosalie Chambers and Tom Nuchols chat, perhaps remembering the many houses Rosalie worked on in years past.


It was a wonderful party for a lovely lady and her family. We are looking forward to the next one.